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PRORITUALS by Jingles took the excellent protein source of Wheat, Keratin and Soy and combined it with molecular technology to create CHROMAPRISM™ Technology
CHROMAPRISM™ Technology delivers deeper penetration with brighter reflection, it also features a molecule that eliminates post chemical smell and feel from the hair. Combined with our smoothing molecule, hair is left in better condition than ever before.
Our high quality Wheat, Keratin, and Soy protein base Hair Coloring Cream contains a double pigment system including the highest grade of pure pigments at every level and in every series. This superior combination provides more tonal control and delivers rich shiny long lasting 100% grey coverage and shade choices at all levels whether you desire natural to intense or subtle to bright.
PRORITUALS Professional Hair color
• 3.38 fl. Oz. 100 mL cream color shade tubes
• Single Line Concept Semi, Demi, and Permanent Hair Color options in one tube
• Two Neutral series options
• True Neutral “N” Series. Maximum amount of dye load at every level for added depth & 100% grey coverage.
• Natural rich brown coverage, True Natural Tones
• Fundamental series (Brown Natural Gold). For softer natural grey coverage and tonal blend. Simplified low-light and tint back formulation. Grey coverage with natural warm results.
• PRORITUALS Hair Color Cream contains a double pigment system including the highest grade of pure pigments at every level & in every series.
• Low Ammonia 1.0 % – 1.8%
• Opaque and Translucent options
• International Level System
• All Tone Unsurpassed Grey Coverage, has excellent resistance to fading
• Color Calibrated and tested on 70% (white hair) Salt and Pepper
• 10 Volume to 20 Volume Grey coverage options
• 4 Step Formulation Concept
• Low to Zero Odor
• Eight Essential Amino Acids
• Moisture and Protein balanced for every hair type
• CHROMAPRISM™ Technology
• Booster for lighter brighter colors and resis


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