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the perfect solution to personalize a haircut 

milk_shake® illuminate quick light is an ammonia-free lightening treatment with immediate and efficient results on untreated or color-treated hair. Lightens hair in a few minutes without needing to rinse the hair. All you need to do is apply the product and iron the hair with a flat iron to have instant natural contrasts with up to 2 levels of lightening. Its formula is enriched with hydrolysed keratin, which has a high affinity with the structural keratin of the cuticle, strengthening the hair, giving consistency, greater structure and protection as well as conditioning the hair. The formula contains panthenol with hydrating, regenerating and conditioning properties, ideal to give hair a healthier appearance. A thermo-protector protects the hair fibre while using the flat iron, and protects the hair’s structure. Its ammonia-free formula is ideal for the clients who don’t want a strong lightening effect but just a delicate illuminating effect on their hair.

milk_shake illuminate quick light 6.8oz

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