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milk_shake® decologic black lightens up to 7 levels, eliminating warm tones from the hair. milk_shake® decologic black is a black lightening cream with a double action:

neutral lightening

/ charcoal: charcoal and pigments inhibit the warm melanin within the hair giving natural-looking, neutralized or grey color tones according to the base level and the oxidizing strength

protection for hair

/ fruit oligosaccharides: the fruit sugar complexes repair and protect the hair during lightening, filling in the empty spaces to give body to hair fibers weakened and damaged by chemical treatments


• freehand application: 1:1.5

• application with stripes or other support: 1:2

• total lightening and decap: 1:2 o 1:3


in a non-metallic bowl, mix the product with milk_shake® oxidizing emulsion 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol., choosing the volumes according to the levels of lift required. Apply to dry, unwashed hair, and avoid applying directly to the scalp. Leave to process at room temperature without heat until the required lift has been obtained, or for a maximum of 60 minutes. Rinse well and conclude the service using products from the milk_shake® color specifics range. It is not advised to repeat the lightening process within 24 hours of application.

milk_shake decologic black cream 7oz

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